I Quit Facebook!


I decided to say goodbye Facebook!

Not to worry I am keeping my Blog,  Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.  

I decided to leave Facebook because I felt like it was distracting me things I wanted to do like writing and working on my blog.   I was not very active on Facebook or the groups I had joined.  I also found that I enjoyed using Twitter and Tumblr a whole lot more then I did Facebook.

Top 10 fave Stories from the ACD Canon

Here is my top Ten Fave stories in the ACD Canon.   It’s hard to choose cause all of them are great. 

1. Hounds of the Baskerville

2.  Study in Scarlet

3.  The Yellow Face

4.  Sign of the Four

5.  The Blue Carbuncle 

6. The Adventures of Charles Augustis Milverton

7.  The Illustrious Client

8.  The Red Headed League 

9.  Scandal in Bohemia

10.  Silver Blaze

Top 5 Favorite Watsons

My next list all about Dr Watson. 

Number 5# Nigel Bruce

Number # Howard Marion Crawford

Number #3 David Burke

Number # 2 Martin Freeman

Number 1 Edward Hardwicke

Honorable Mentions Michael Williams and Andrew Sachs

Top 5 Fave Holmes

I wanted to do some Top Five lists, so I wanted to start with my favorites Holmes.  With so many great actors who portrayed him and I have tried to see as much as I could via Youtube, Netflix and Amazon etc…   So here are my top five faves!

5.  Basil Rathbone.

4. Ronald Howard

3. Benedict Cumberbatch

2. William Gillette

1.  Jeremy Brett

Honorable mentions… Clive Merrison and Ian Mckellen